Anti Perch Bird Spikes

Anti Perch Bird Spikes are a very common and effective form of proofing. They are commonly installed on ledges, sills, pipes, parapets aerials, leading edges of roofs etc, to prevent birds from landing and settling.

Bird spikes are pre-assembled making them a quick and a relatively inexpensive form of bird control.

Bird spikes can be installed in a number of ways including silicone (ledges, pipes, flat surfaces), cable ties (to pipes, railings) or gutter clips which fix to the underside of the base and simply click onto the leading edge of the gutter / hopper head thus not effecting the flow of water. A series of holes in the base of the strip allows for the bird spikes to be nailed or screwed into wood or concrete.

Pigeon spikes consist of a row of spikes 110mm in height (plastic or metal) protruding from the base at a slight angle.

Gull spikes (metal) have pins at a height of 150mm.

spike 003 1024x765 - Anti Perch Bird Spikes