Tensioned Wire System

The Tensioned Wire System method of proofing is effective against pigeons and gulls, but it should only be used in low pressure situations where birds are perching during the day and not where birds are roosting overnight.

The post and wire system is a very discreet form of control and so it is common application on prestigious buildings.

The tensioned wire system consists of a wire / wires strung between 2 vertical fixings. The height of the wire between the 2 posts needs to be at a height to prevent the birds from landing.

There are a number of different fixings used with this form of proofing;

Gutter clamps: gutters / hopper heads
Standard posts: ledges
Split pins: directly into recesses / stonework
Ridge brackets with protruding posts: roof ridges
Rail clamps with protruding posts: rails
Glue to base system with post: lead / where drilling is not advised

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