Bird Netting

Bird Netting is the most effective from of bird proofing and should always be the first consideration when choosing a method of pigeon proofing. When bird netting is properly installed it is virtually the only system that can be used with confidence in places where there are high levels of activity, where birds are roosting at night and nesting.

Nets that we have installed in the past might cover small areas such as a single ledge or eave. Bird nets can also be used to cover an entire roof or parts of roofs over plant, or a large elevation / recess of a building from the first floor upwards. Other common applications for netting are balconies, loading bays and lightwells that require a 'cap net' at the top to prevent birds from flying down into the areas. As netting often covers many perching areas it is often the most cost effective from of bird proofing.

Polyethylene knotted nets can withstand a wide range of environmental conditions and as long as they have been installed in the correct fashion and have not been damaged by other trades should have a life expectancy of 10 years. Care must be taken to ensure that the lines of the net and running in a uniform pattern and once this is achieved it often blends into the structures it is covering.

Nets are available in a range of mesh sizes depending upon the birds which require control.

19mm mesh - Sparrows
28mm mesh - Starlings
50mm mesh - pigeons
75m mesh - Gulls

To blend in bird nets are available in black, stone and white.

The standard fixings for nets are anchor rivet, drilled into the corners of the substrate and screw eyes acting as intermediate fixings, however there are a vast array of different fixings to included.

Self tapping screws & angle brackets – wood, plastic & metal
Cladding bolts – metals
Girder clips & clamps– girders
Bridge clamps – girders
Slate brackets – roof slates
Dormer brackets – keeping nets away from corners
Roof mounts – these hold whole nets above areas

The principle of the net system is that a tensioned wire rope is fitted around the perimeter of the area to be covered. The wire rope is held in place by a combination of corner fixings and intermediate fixings. The wire rope frame is tensioned using a series of barrel strainers constructing the frame onto which the net is attached using hog rings.

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